The propolis from the Natucentro comes from its one thousand beehives and from another five hundred beekepers who are carefully selected, all of which are installed in adequate areas for the production. It is an important factor that makes it possible to monitor the environmental conditions of each area as well as the production and collection.

The Natucentro has propolis from the alecrim - Baccharis dracunculifolia - whose natural habitat is the Brazilian Cerrado - that explains the greenish colour of the product. The Natucentro also has propolis from eucalyptus. In this case, the bee does not use the flowers, but the sap, giving the product a dark colour.

Organisational Structure

The Natucentro owners, Cézar Ramos Júnior and Fernando Ramos, have vast experience in the apicultural business. They have been in this business for over 18 years. Their experience is essential for the continuous improvement of their products. In order to co-ordinate the whole process there are two directory boards: one of production and the other of commerce. It is divided into four departments: Production, Quality Control, Management and Delivery. Twenty-four people form the staff of the company, all of whom are highly-qualified and trained.

Natucentro Propolis
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