Like the propolis, the honey from the Natucentro has its origin in its own apiaries and from other beekepers which are carefully selected following international quality control standards. To guarantee its origin and production, there is a system that enables the production stages- from apiary to delivery- to be identified. All the hygienic-sanitary procedures established by the Ministry of Agriculture in Brazil are followed. This represents both safety and security forconsumers of the products.
The apiaries are located in the Cerrado Region where there is varied vegetation, which makes it possible to obtain honey with the characteristics to meet the market requirements. The Natucentro constantly invests in technological improvements and modern equipment. The homogenisation, for instance, is done in a 22-ton inoxidizable stainless steel tank.

Three types of honey are produced according to the colour classification.

All are sold in bulk or smaller packaging.

Natucentro Propolis
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